I'm a tenderhearted wife, mom to two precious little girls, and follower of Christ. I love all things mint and floral, and all things love. I've been known to shed a tear or two along with my clients at their wedding. When I'm not photographing love stories or changing diapers you can find me sipping coffee with country music or Netflix where my dog is snuggled on one side and my husband on the other. 

I am BIG believer in spending quality time with the ones you love. Time passes with the blink of an eye. So we soak up every moment we get with our family and I love it. Meeting new people brings joy to my heart and I love love love making new friends. So let's connect and we can sip iced coffee while we get to know each other. 

Hey ya'll! I'm Ashley!

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Sunday afternoons with the family. We go to church, have lunch with my in-laws and hang out with them while the girls play and their spend quality time with their great-grandmother. It's my favorite day of the week!


Mountain views. I was born in Gainesville, Georgia and while I grew up in "the boot" a piece of my heart still lives in the country! I love the mountains out there and one day hope to have a summer home out there.


Grey's Anatomy. Seriously, you can never watch too much Greys. My husband disagrees with me on that but he's never felt the pain of losing O'Malley or the joy when MerDer finally tied the knot. Love love LOVE me some Greys!


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