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Hey y’all! I’ve been wanting to start a little series for couples to help you with the wedding process and insuring you get beautiful photos from your photographer on your special day. Thus “Wedding Tip Wednesday” was born! The funny thing is the first blog is coming to you on a Thursday. Whoops! When putting this together I honestly thought it was a day earlier, but halfway through I realized my blunder. Anywho, rather than waiting a whole week to post it, I’m rolling with it!

This week’s post is all about the details. Your rings, flowers, invitations, etc. What we as photographers need from you and what you don’t have to worry about. So let’s dive on in, shall we?

There are three details that are most commonly forgotten on the morning of the wedding day:
a. the wedding bands
b. the full invitation suite (main invitation, RSVP card, information card, and all envelopes
c. the florals

While tradition dictates the best man holds on to the bands, I prefer to have all rings stay with the bride to insure they make it in the photos! Your wedding bands are a layer of your story and they deserve to be shown off alongside your engagement ring.

I just love doing tricks with the rings! Did you know there was such a thing as jewelry physics? It’s taken me years to master and sometimes I still fall short but it’s not difficult to make the rings photograph beautifully.

Next up on the list: the full Invitation suite. You’ve spent so much time and money designing your invites, let’s show it off! When packing things up for the day of remember to include all cards and envelopes, filler sheets, wax seals, etc. If it was sent out to your guests, pack it all to be styled and photographed!

Bonus! Adding your vow books adds another sweet layer!

The last thing on the list of commonly forgotten details: the flowers. Now it’s not so much that these are forgotten, but more so that they’re delivered later or not until you head to the ceremony site. By having your flowers delivered early in the morning/getting ready process, they can be added to the detail lineup!

Florals are another thing that so much thought and money went into! They add so much dimension and just overall “pretty” to the photos!

I’m sure in each photo you’ve noticed a lot of things that you don’t have: trays, ribbons, backdrops, ring boxes, and other small little props you’re wondering if you need to go out and purchase. Have no fear, these are all part of my personal styling kit I bring with me to each wedding! You’re welcome to purchase a personalized ring box if you’d like for a keepsake but it’s not necessary at all. All you need to have with you the day of your wedding are:
All rings
The full invitation suite
Any jewelry you plan on wearing that day
Vow books
Anything sentimental you’d like photographed
Your perfume
Wedding day shoes

I hope this post was helpful! Feel free to share it with your friends, family, and anyone you know getting married!

And before I leave, here’s a bonus tip!
Before you go to bed the eve of the wedding, round up everything on the list above and place it all in a box or convenient location so your photographer can save time and get to work rather than hunting down each item.

Interested in having your special day documented? Head over to our contact form so we can get to chatting about documenting your nuptials!


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