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In case you haven’t noticed I spend a lot of time with couples. I have photographed so many people in love I can’t keep track. It’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world! The majority of my clients are newly engaged or 5 minutes from being married. Literally. And while I’ve done countless engagement sessions, elopements and weddings combined I have yet to do a couple’s session for two people not engaged. So when Daniel inquired I was super excited. And when he said he would be proposing during the session my heart nearly jumped out of my chest! I have ALWAYS wanted to capture a proposal.

Daniel wanted a vintage city vibe for the couples portraits and something more private for the proposal. Downtown Covington and the Abita Springs park were perfect locations. And when the big day came I let them be their natural selves while we wondered the streets of little ole’ Covington.

After a little shopping we stopped at St. John’s Coffeehouse.

On our stroll through the town we came across the cutest general store. It was over 100 years old!

It had the cutest little swing where Jackie and Daniel sat and talked about the future and how they would have a swing of their own.

A pedestrian was passing by and said hello. I asked if he could make them laugh. I have no idea what he did but mission accomplished! Thank you, unknown Covington resident!

When Daniel and I were talking about locations for the proposal he said he wanted something that showed the long road they had taken to get to where they are now. The bridge in Abita Springs on the 24 mile St. Tammany Trace Trail was absolutely perfect! When we arrived I put on my beast (the affectionate nickname for my 70-200mm), stood back and told them to just be their adorable selves and do whatever they want. And that’s when it happened:

She said yes!

After several minutes of being in their newly-engaged happy bubble, they went over to show Jackie’s sisters her new bling!

Say hello to your knew sisters, Daniel!


At random moments Jackie would burst with excitement and I loved every minute of it! I always say the candid moments are the best moments!

Congratulations Daniel and Jackie! I’m so honored I got to be there to witness the start of your engagement!



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