Bethany’s 4th Birthday



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Oh my sweet, sweet Bethany. There’s so much I could say about you.

Four years ago today at 4:25am you entered the world and changed my life forever. I cried and thanked Jesus when you were born. He had given me this beautiful, sweet bundle to care for and I was so happy. Four years later I still am ever so thankful He gave you to me.

I hope you never forget that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. May your kindness grow as you do. You are such a sweet little girl and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right when you compliment a stranger passing by. Your manners are beyond your years, and I’m pretty proud of that too. You genuinely love everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, and it makes my heart so happy.

I wish I could wrap you in a bubble and shield you from the world. You are such a bright and happy child and I hope that never changes. I know there’s going to come a day when someone hurts you, and it saddens me to think that you would ever feel heartbroken, but I pray you handle it with grace and have a forgiving heart towards them. I’ve seen what holding a grudge does to a person, and it’s not pretty.

One day you’re going to fall. We all do. Every last one of us makes mistakes. I pray you learn from mine and remember I’m always a phone call away. No matter how big or small, I will always be there to help you, comfort you, cry with you, laugh with you. Whatever you need, I’m there.

I love that you still see the beauty in weeds and will twirl with no moments notice. Don’t ever stop. And if you find a dress with pockets, buy one in every color. No, seriously. Pockets are the best and I don’t think we’ll ever disagree on that.

I love you, Bethany Grace. We all do. Every single last one of us. And I hope you never forget that.


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